Vintage, collectible Willys Trucks.

Willys Commando Trucks

Willy's was the original maker of the Jeep until 1950. The military also had their own version of the jeep that was used in the World War II. Once the war was over Willy's realized that they needed a more versatile vehicle to appeal to all types of drivers. They then came out with 3 new models of the jeep, which were Civilian Jeep, Jeep wagon and Jeep truck. Willy's has also been used as the design for emergency vehicles in the commando series.

Willy's come in a variety of different series. Willy's also makes trucks, SUV's and 4x4's. The Willy's Jeepster line died around the 1940's and was revived in 1960's with the Jeep's new commando series. There are a lot of Willy's Jeeps that are considered to be vintage trucks. Vehicles really took there place in history during the vintage years as that is when they were widely recognized. This was all pulled together with the paving of the roads which made car travel easier. What makes a truck vintage is that they were made in the early 1900's until the late 1930's. These vehicles are often bought and restored so that they can be driven, although most of them are collector's items.

Willy's is most known for their military Jeepster .Willy's was awarded the registered trademark of Jeep after an article was written in 1941 among other things. Willy's is known for giving vehicles the most powerful of engines and that is why Jeep is still standing today. Jeep latest model is a Grand Cherokee for 2012. The longevity of Jeeps is worldwide and known all over the globe.

Willy's Jeeps has several different website dedicated to restoration, selling, parts, and information on the story behind the jeep. The widest variety of websites is restoration and selling of the variety of the line of Willy's jeeps. Willy's has survived the world through a variety of economic hard times. This goes to the good reputation of Jeep's that has pushed them ahead of the game in motor vehicles.

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